Have you ever wondered what would happen if your whole world suddenly crumbled around you?

Hey. I'm Lizzie. I'm a 19 year old Auzzie chick learning to live with bipolar disorder. I currently work at a gaming store and a sports store, I have pink and purple hair, & live with my wonderful boyfriend in the cutest apartment out.

This blog is a virtual insight into my ever-changing, hectic and sometimes interesting life.



Sorry but if you leave things like, “follow for more ** triangle bold text” I’m going to delete it before I reblog it. And I’m not going to follow you.


Hey everyone.

I’ve been getting a lot of anonymous messages (some quite vulgar) about how I make unnecessary comments on a lot of the “grunge” and “hipster” photos that I reblog. Here’s just a little disclaimer on why I write the things I write and how I cannot exactly control how you feel.

I comment on stuff that I reblog because it makes me happy. It’s pretty stupid, I know, but you’ve got to humor me here. I don’t want this to be a pity party (even though when I say that it probably means I’m going to say something pity-like) but I just came out of hospital, I still struggle with bipolar and I am trying to find little things that make me happy. Making “stupid” comments on things make me happy. Stalking the grunge tag and laughing at the things that clearly aren’t grunge makes me happy.

I can’t control the way that you react when I make comments on stuff. Most of them are just meant to be taken at face value, to give people a little smile or give someone a laugh, however this is the internet and a lot of you will take them personally or as an attack (I’m not unfamiliar with this, I take things personally all the time). With that being said though, I have the right to reblog what I want, when I want, with whatever comments I want. That too is how the internet works. I get that, and I’m sure you do too.

Also, I know I’m hypocritical because I do actually reblog a lot of grunge stuff, and tag things in unnecessary tags. IT’S BECAUSE I ENJOY DOING STUFF LIKE THAT OKAY.

So, when you do look at my blog,

  • ~be prepared to find some things that you don’t like.
  • ~if you don’t like the majority of the content, just leave.
  • ~don’t leave anonymous messages in my ask box about “leaving unnecessary comments” on my posts. I’m sure you could spend your precious time on something remotely useful OTHER than having a go at me for something I already know.
  • ~don’t hold me responsible for how you react to my comments on pictures from the grunge/hipster/etc. tag. You are the one acting that way. If you want a serious conversation or want me to remove some of my comments, don’t send me anonymous messages.

Thanks for taking the time to read this :3